Give your employees something exciting in fitness & wellness?

At LyfeGo, we want to take employee wellness to the next level. We don’t want to stop at getting your employees to stay fit and active, we want them to be going on an exciting adventure filled with learning and self-discovery.

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LyfeGo provides your employees island-wide access to top-rated coaches and academies across different sports.


What's available for employees with LyfeGo?

Ad hoc sport group lessons

Drop into group classes from the best sport schools and instructors across Singapore

Ad hoc sport private lessons

Book private lessons with the best sport schools and instructors across Singapore

Ad hoc corporate events and classes

Enjoy corporate events or classes that are fully customizable to your company’s needs

LyfeGo helps improve your employees’ well-being


believe their employer cares about their well-being by offering LyfeGo membership as a benefit


felt more bonded with their colleagues after joining LyfeGo classes together


feels more confident and motivated as they acquire new skills through different sports

Why should employers choose LyfeGo?

Save the trouble of liaising with sport coaching vendors

We are the single point of contact for sport academies and coaches across all sports

Save the trouble of organising corporate events and classes

Tell us what you want and need for your ad hoc company sports day or class, and we will take care of the rest.

Pay only for employees who sign up

Stop wasting money on perks no one uses and pay per sign up

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